So what is Art of Steam about?
Well it is about embracing the beauty, the fragility and the uniqueness of one's soul in a room full of steam. It's an act of kindness and caring, as it is a gift from our steam master to all of the participants.

We set out on this journey to share knowledge and traditions of the ancient art of steaming and based on our vast background to provide a life changing experience to our guests. Besides this, we aim to give our participants a chance to get in touch with this extraordinary, sometimes mystical, ancient bathing ritual and to bring them joy through the gifting and sharing culture.

We highly appreciate the gifts of the steam room, or how it is commonly called, the banya. These gifts of divine intimacy build up astonishingly deep bonds among all of our guests and bring us joy for the job that we do all together.
Our story
It all started in 2013 when a team of visionaries and enthusiasts from Russia embarked on an adventurous journey to Black Rock City to build the Cradle of Mir project.

It was a big and important moment, one can say it was the birth of the Burning Man community in Russia.

From there on the team, later called OwnWay, went to Burning Man and regional burns each year to build various projects, such as the OwnWay itself and The Moment at Afrikaburn.

In 2016 we thought of bringing banya to the playa. We didn't want just to build an art piece, but what's more important, to try and share this vast culture behind it, share our experience and the underlying principles with the rest of the world.

That's how Art of Steam began! This is the story of how we started sharing this incredible experience and how it started to change us.
Daily group bathing and steaming ceremonies are the core of the extraordinary experience one goes through in our camp.
Each year we build two banyas, all in strict accordance with the many peculiarities of this tradition and with great attention to technical details, so that the provided experience would be full and would satisfy our own tough criterias and expectations of a true banya.

The ceremonies happen each day from 3pm to 7pm.

Besides this we organize banya schools outside of Burning Man, specially for those of our camp guests who would like to learn the banya mastery themself.
Art of Steam 2018
This year we will try go even further! We decided to bring our banya experience outside of the camp. We are going to get even more radically self reliant. We want to test our capabilities and see how if how far we can go in building our dream. We want to test our dedication by waking up each day at 5am to get the fire for the steam going.

Look for our banya art car ealy in the morning in deep playa. Yes, you are not mistaken, it will be a moving banya! Something never seen before! An art car banya!
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